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The surrounding area

Moere is a charming rural village situated in the flatlands on the outskirts of Gistel, a small town not far from Bruges. In the 1980’s, Marvin Gaye relocated to the idyllic village of Moere in a 19th century villa, suddenly making this little-known corner of the world internationally famous. It was during this peaceful and quiet period that he planned his comeback and wrote some of his biggest hits.


Stepping outside of the B&B, the guests find themselves a stone’s throw away from the sandy shores of the Belgian coast and equidistant from the UNESCO protected medieval city of Bruges. The so-called Bruges ‘perimeter’ (ommeland), is a fascinating region containing a variety of canals and dykes, castles and abbeys, protected villages and monuments, old-fashioned farms and mills, wildlife and nature reserves… and of course, the windswept dunes and shores of the North Sea.


The decommissioned Oostend-Torhout railroad was recently converted to a 22km long bike/foot path across the flat countryside, called the “the Green 62”. Moreover, the B&B location coincides with junction point 34 of the Flemish cycle network. The network links up the bike paths of Flanders Fields, the Coast and the Bruges Countryside. Additionally, themed routes such as the ‘Wijnendale’ and ‘Godelieve’ are easily accessed. Irma can provide bikes, maps and plenty of helpful tips, for any interested parties. The routes are also popular amongst joggers, so: don’t forget your running shoes!


Long walks on the beach (just a few kilometres from Spoor.62), cycling through the lowlands, admiring the famous historical paintings and tapestries in world-class museums of Bruges, treating your taste buds to the culinary creations of the Michelin starred Chefs in the area, … Both nature-lovers and culture aficionados can find plenty to tickle their fancies in and around Spoor.62.