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Take your time at Spoor.62

Spoor.62 is a place of revitalization. The picturesque garden, in its ever-changing seasonal beauty, offers the calming sense of peace, which is so often drowned out by the noise of daily life. So come, sink back in one of the large hammocks or reclining chairs perusing a book of choice, or have an engaging conversation while sipping a cup of coffee or tea on the terrace.


The cosy home library, each title handpicked by your hostess Irma, features works on architecture, gardening, design, fashion, literature, music and lifestyle, reflecting an impassioned attempt to catalogue the beauty of our planet. On long wintery evenings the crackling logs in the lounge fireplace only enhance the warm and homey atmosphere. Your hostess Irma may suggest pouring a full-bodied glass of wine or hoppy Belgian craft beer for you to savour to the sound of classical music softly reverberating through the station corridors.


Allow the tranquil air to dissipate the myriad, meaningless stressors of your busy routine. Let your unencumbered mind once again contemplate the truly valuable aspects of life.