railway station

In a bygone era, the legendary Pullman Express whistled by. Today the former railway station of Moere in the region of Bruges has become the setting for a delightful B&B where blissful peace, discrete luxury and ancient heritage are intertwined.

In the roaring twenties, railway line 62 played a central role in international luxury train travel. Affluent Parisians embarked on the Paris-Belgian Coast Pullman Express towards fashionable seaside resort towns such as Ostend and Knokke. Departing from Ostend, a city that in those days held international allure, the noble and the wealthy boarded trains that still peak the imagination in regard to their exceptional elegance: the Orient Express, the Ostend Vienna Express and the Ostend Saint-Petersburg Express.

In Moere, the railway station is all that is left from this golden era...Great care went into restoring the old brick station, and today it positively glows with warmth and an understated countryside glamour, just as it must have done when affluent Parisians were passing through in the Twenties on their summer vacations.

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